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Visiting Speakers

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The Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine is proud to host a series of regular seminars by national and international speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds.

For more information and to see upcoming and previous speakers, please click here.

The seminars are open for everyone to attend so please come along to a seminar that interests you. 

Our fortnightly Stem Cells @ Lunch seminars and our weekly Journal Club meetings are also open to all... 



Blank space Previous visiting speakers

Prof Hans Clevers - Hubrecht Institute
"Stem cell-based organoids as avatars in human disease" (May 2019)

Dr Yohanns Bellaiche - Insitute Curie
"Mitosis and morphogenesis in epithelial tissues" (Mar 2019)

Dr James Wells - Cincinati Children's Hospital
"Using human pluripotent stem cell-derived gastrointestinal organoids to study development and disease" (Feb 2019)

Dr Anne Grapin-Boton - University of Copenhagen
Jan 2019

Dr Sara Wickstrom - University of Helsinki
"Regulation of stem cell fate by niche-derived signals and forces" (Dec 2018)

Dr Masato Nakagawa - Kyoto University
"MYC function and efficient methods for hiPSC generation" (Dec 2018)

Dr Meritxell Huch - Cambridge University
"Liver progenitors and hepatic organoids" (Nov 2018)

Prof Bart De Strooper - UK Dementia Research Institute and University of Leuven
"Alzheimer’s disease is moving from a biochemical to a cellular view" (Nov 2018)

Prof Sarah Stabenfeldt - Arizona State University
"Bioengineering approaches to address neural injury from regenerative medicine to nanotherapeutics" (Sept 2018)

Dr Duncan Sutherland - Aarhus University
"Nanostructured matierals surfaces to study and control adherent cells" (June 2018)

Dr Kathy Green - Northwestern University
"How Cadherins created a complex epithelia" (May 2018)

Dr Jonah Cool - Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
"Chan Zuckerberg and the Human Cell Atlas" (March 2018)

Prof Janet Rossant - University of Toronto
"From embryos to stem cells and back again - a developemntal journey" (November 2017)

Prof Jody Rosenblatt - University of Utah
"Epithelial Cell Extrusion and its misregulation in asthma and cancer" (September 2017)

Prof Virgile Viasnoff - National University of Singapore
"A mechano-biologicy perspective on apico-basal polarisation" (July 2017)

Prof Dany Nassar - Université Paris Descartes and American University of Beirut
"Genomic landscapes and sources of tumour heterogeneity of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma" (June 2017)

Dr Ed Boyden - MIT Media Lab and McGovern Institute MIT
"Optical tools for understanding biology: Expansion microscopy, optogenetic and more" (June 2017)

Dr Wei-Yu Lu - Edinburgh University
"The liver repopulating capacity of hepatic progenitor cells" (April 2017)

Dr Nadia Zeltner - Memorial Sloane Kettering Institute
"Modelling Didease of the peripherla nervous system" (April 2017)

Dr Liesbet Lieben - Nature Reviews Disease Primers
"How to write an article for Nature Reviews" (April 2017)

Dr Lev Silberstein - Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
"Single cell analysis of the bone marrow niche identifies novel regulators of the hematopoetic regeneration" (March 2017)

Dr Peter Rodgers - Features editor at eLife
"Reproducibility, reproducibility, reproducibility" (March 2017)

Dr Alessandra Vigilante - The Crick Institute, London "Uncovering links between genotype, cell behaviour and external stimuli by integrating different data sets from human induced pluripotent stem cell lines" (January 2017)

Dr Francesca Spagnoli - Junior Group Leader, Max-Delbrück-Center, Berlin, German and Adjunct Faculty Member, The Rockefeller University, New York, US

 "Controlling cell plasticity between liver and pancreas for regenerative medicine" (December 2016)

Dr Irving Weissman - Director, Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine "Experiences with commercialising cell therapies" (November 2016) 

Dr Matthew Albert - Principal Scientist, Cancer Immunology, Genetech

"System’s Approach to Immune monitoring: a path towards establishing    genetic and environmental determinants of human immune variability" (November 2016)

Dr Vilja Pietiäinen - Senior Scientist, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland [FIMM]
"High-content cell-based screening in translational biomedicine" (May 2016)

Professor Walter Birchmeier - Group Leader, Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin
"Wnt/beta-catenin controls carcinomas and cancer stem cells by epigenetic mechanisms" (March 2016)

Dr Anjali P Kusumbe - 
Tissue Morphogenesis Department, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Münster
"Regulation of stem and progenitor cell function by distinct vascular niches in bone" (March 2016)

Dr Alexis J Lómakin - Subcellular Structure and Cellular Dynamics, Institut Curie, Paris
"Competition principle in cellular morphogenesis" (February 2016)

Dr Ben Davies - Head of Transgenic Core Research Group, University of Oxford
"Application of CRISPR/Cas9 for the generation of genetically modified mouse models" (January 2016)

Dr Suzana Hadjur - Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, UCL Cancer Institute
"Chromosome architecture and transcriptional regulation - A global role for CTCF and cohesin proteins" (November 2015)

Professor Jim Crilly - 
SVP Strategic Science Group, Global R&D, Unilever

"Innovation: making it happen. A perspective from 30 years at Unilever"(November 2015)

Dr Elizabeth Roper - Partner, Epidarex Capital

"VC investment in healthcare: what do we look for" (November 2015)

Professor Brigid Hogan FRS - George Barth Professor and Chair of the Department of Cell Biology, Duke University Medical Center, USA''The life of breath: Stem cells of the adult lung" (May 2015)

Mr Gregg Sando - Founder & CEO, Cell Medica"Cell Medica: from Conception to Corporation" (May 2015)

Professor Jason A. Burdick - Department of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania''Engineering Biomaterials as In Vitro Models and for Biomedical Therapies" (May 2015)

Professor Amy Wagers - Harvard University, Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School''Targeting local and systemic factors to reverse age-related tissue dysfunction" (April 2015)

Professor Ken-ichiro Kamei - Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University: "Creating the right microenvironments for stem cell control" (February 2015)

Dr Sabine Hauert - Lecturer in Robotics, University of Bristol: 
"Crowdsourcing The Design of Swarming Nanosystems for Cancer Applications" (February 2015)

Dr Ignacio Sancho-Martinez - Belmonte Laboratory, Salk Institute for Biological Studies: 
"Reverting development by reprogramming. Are iSPCs the Holy Grail for regenerative medicine?" (October 2014)

Professor Randy Schekman - University of California, Berkeley 
Shared winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
“Genes and proteins that control secretion and autophagy”(June 2014)(King's International Lecture Series - dedicated to Rosalind Franklin and hosted by King's Bioscience Institute)

Professor Lee Rubin - Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative, Biology, Harvard University, Director of Translational Medicine, Harvard Stem Cell Institute: 

“Motor Neuron Diseases in a Dish: Can we really learn anything new?” (January 2014)

Professor Konrad Hochedlinger - Center for Regenerative Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School:

'Mechanisms of pluripotency and cellular reprogramming' (January 2014)


Professor Alan Trounson – President of CIRM, San Francisco, USA: 

“The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine: How to invest $3 billion in stem cell research” (October 2013)

Professor Marianne Bronner – Albert Billings Ruddock Professor of Biology, California Institute of Technology, USA: 
“Transcriptional and epigenetic control of neural crest development” (September 2013)

Professor Peter Carlton – Research Center Assistant Professor & iCeMS Kyoto Fellow, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan: 
“Cytological investigation of chromosome structure in meiosis and differentiation” (July 2013)

Dr Shukry J. Habib - Howard Hughes Medical Insitute 
“A localised Wnt signal orients assymetric stem cell division” (March 2013) 

Professor Willem H. Ouwehand – Professor of Experimental Haematology, University of Cambridge & Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, NHS Bood and Transplant 
“New biological insights in the formation and function of platelets; lessons learned from genomics” (February 2013) 

Dr Deborah J. Sweet – Editor, Cell Stem Cell & Publishing Director, USA 
“Behind the scenes at Cell Press” (February 2013) 

Professor Irving Weissman – Professor, Stem Cell Institute & Stanford University School of Medicine, USA 
“Normal and neoplastic stem cells” (January 2013) 

Professor Kevin Eggan – Associate Professor, Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology & Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard University 
“Exploiting pluripotency for a greater understanding of neurological disease” (January 2013)

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