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Module selection

      For those of you joining us in September 2018, thank you for sending us your Module Request Form. We will start the amendment period where you can request to add/drop modules at the end of August. An email will be sent to you as soon as we start this process. 

Important to note: Only modules that are available on the above Study Abroad specific online module catalogues are available to Study Abroad students. Not all modules at King's College London can be taken by Study Abroad students, so please only request those you find on the above links in your forms. 

Places on modules are not guaranteed for any student at King's due to class size restrictions and are allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Module amendments

We will accept a Module Amendment Form from Study Abroad students if:

  • You have an unavoidable timetable clash and cannot physically be in two places at once. You will need to request as many alternative classes as possible, ensuring the alternatives you request work with the rest of your timetable!
  • You do not have enough modules/credits for your time here at King’s (1 semester = 60 credits; usually four 15 credit modules at Undergraduate level/three 20 credit modules at Postgraduate level or full year = 120 credits; usually eight 15 credit modules at Undergraduate level/six 20 credit modules at Postgraduate level).
  • You have been told that a registered module does not count for credit at your home university and you genuinely need this credit in order to proceed with your studies.  

If any of the above applies to you, please send your form, in Word Document format, by email to studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk with subject line 'Module Amendment Form - YOUR NAME'. We will only process MAFs that include timetable information for your requested modules!


Personal draft timetables are now available. Personal draft timetables can be viewed here once you have completed your online enrolment. Before completing online enrolment, you can log in to the Timetables system as a guest. In order to make module amendments, you will need to ensure there are no clashes in your timetable by checking the module timetables. Module timetables can be viewed here. Please note that Bioscience Education module timetables will be available via KEATS

All Module Amendment Forms received after timetables have been published must include timetable information. If your form does not include the day and time of your module's lecture, it will not be processed. 

There may be multiple seminar/tutorial times per module to accompany a lecture.You will automatically be allocated a seminar/tutorial time that works for your timetable. However, please ensure that at least one seminar/tutorial time will work with your timetable before requesting the module.
It is not possible to request seminar/tutorial changes unless there is a clash.

Semester 2 Offer Holders

Semester 2 students (joining us in January 2019)

Once you have accepted your admissions offer to study abroad at King's College London for semester 2 of the 2018/19 academic year (January 2019 entry), you will receive an email from us regarding modules. The Global Mobility Office will email offer holders on a rolling basis from the end of October / beginning of November onwards to advise you on the Study Abroad module selection process here at King's. 

It is important to note the following when completing your Module Request Form: 

  • Please list as many modules as possible, in order to ensure we have the best chance to place you on to your modules of choice. We work our way down your list of preferences, taking availability and eligibility in to account before we are able to register you on to the correct module load. 
  • Only forms in original Microsoft Word format, including all required information will be accepted for processing.
  • Send your fully completed Module Request Form (MRF) or Module Amendment Form (MAF) by email to studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk with subject line 'Module Request Form - Your Name' or 'Module Amendment Form - Your Name'.
  • Forms will be processed on a first-come, first served basis. Please note that some modules require academic approval so it can take some time to get this from the relevant academic colleagues at King's, so your patience is appreciated. 

Please read all the information above and in your email from us carefully before returning your form to avoid delays in the form being processed.  

**Guidelines regarding the module selection process can be found below ('Choosing your modules') - please read them very carefully.**

Places on modules are not guaranteed for any student at King's due to class size restrictions and are allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Choosing your modules

Step 1. Navigating the module catalogue

Find out which modules we offer in your chosen subject area by browsing our online module catalogue:

Check whether the module is available for the semester which you will be at King's - most modules are only available for either semester 1 or semester 2.  

Ensure you are eligible to request these modules before including them in your form! Check your eligibility at step 2 below. 

If you are studying through an exchange, you may be required to take at least 50% of your modules in a particular department at King's.  If you are unsure if this applies to you, please speak to the exchange coordinator at your home institution or email us at studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk. 

Places on modules are not guaranteed for any student due to class size restrictions and are allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Step 2. Checking your eligibility

Each King's module has a code attached to it, which begins with a number - 4, 5, 6 or 7:

  • 4 is a first year undergraduate module (introductory) - modules at this level are generally open to everyone but some subjects, such as the sciences, Music and Informatics require relevant and sufficient background even at introductory level

  • 5 is a second year undergraduate module (intermediate) - modules at this level require students to have already taken 3-4+ modules in this subject area at their home institution

  • 6 is a final year undergraduate module (advanced) - modules at this level require students to have already taken 6-7+ modules in this subject area at their home institution

You must also ensure that you meet all of the prerequisites listed on the module catalogue in order to be eligible to take intermediate and advanced modules.

Modules with codes beginning with 7 are for postgraduate students only.

If you are requesting to take modules from any of the following Departments, we will need to send your transcript and personal statement to the relevant academics in that department as only they can approve you for registration on to such classes:

Biosciences, Chemistry, Informatics, Mathematics, *Music, Physics. 

*Music - please only request Music modules if you are a Music major at home and can read music fluently. 

Places on modules are not guaranteed for any student due to class size restrictions and are allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Step 3. Choosing the correct module/credit load

You should take a full module/credit load at King’s. For undergraduate (UG) students this is usually four modules per semester (60 King's College London credits). For postgraduate (PGT) students this is three modules per semester.

  • One semester-long UG module = 15 KCL credits (7.5 ECTS or 4 US credits)

  • One year-long UG module = 30 KCL credits (15 ECTS or 8 US credits)

  • One semester-long PGT module = 20 KCL credits (10 ECTS) OR 15 KCL credits (7.5 ECTS)

  • One year-long PGT module = 40 KCL credits (20 ECTS) OR 30 KCL credits (15 ECTS)

Across one academic year, all students (UG and PGT) should take 120 King's credits. Students only studying abroad for one semester should take 60 King's credits. Please contact studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk if you have concerns about taking a full credit load.

Students only studying at King's in Semester 1 (September-December) will be set alternative assessment as necessary. Semester 2 and Full Year students will be enrolled until June and must be available for the formal examination period in May/June.

Please note, we do not allow students to audit (attend without assessment) modules. This is both to ensure the integrity of lectures and seminars and their academic discussions, and to integrate Study Abroad students as fully as possible within the King's learning culture.

Places on modules are not guaranteed for any student due to class size restrictions and are allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Step 4. Completing the Module Request/Amendment Form

Those studying for one semester only must list ten (10) modules in order of preference. Full-year students must list fourteen (14) modules in order of preference (evenly distributed between each semester). With this information, we will try to allocate you your top-ranked choices. If this is not possible, we will allocate the next best preferences or suitable alternatives.  

Places on modules are not guaranteed for any student due to class size restrictions and are allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

Once your MRF/MAF is complete, you should email it to studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk in the original Word document format. 

You will be sent an email informing you of the modules you have been allocated. It is your responsibility to make sure you maintain the correct number of credits and that the timetables for your chosen modules do not clash. You will also need to ensure that your subject load is acceptable to your home institution and supported by us here at the Global Mobility Office.

On arrival, students will be given the chance to meet with members of the Global Mobility team to make any necessary changes to their module selection at a Module Drop-In session.

Further information

Study Abroad Plus Internship & Health and Society 

Students taking either of these courses should ensure that they list the following modules first on their MRF, respectively:

  • Study Abroad Plus Internship - 5ABLLIB4 Liberal Arts

  • Health and Society - 6MMMX100 Health and Society

Modern Language Centre (MLC)

Important! Your registration on a language module is only provisional, so if you want to study a language module when at King's, you must register with the Modern Language Centre directly. 

Classes are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and each class has a maximum of 16 or 20 places, so make sure you don’t miss out!

More information regarding this will be available closer to September. 


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