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Studying abroad at King's College London offers a unique study opportunity to students who are interested in taking advantage of the diverse range of teaching on offer.  The study areas below offer a snapshot of the type of varied modules available to students.

Spotlight on... Global Health & Social Medicine

'The modules available within Global Health & Social Medicine ask important questions at a vital time. Illness is a human experience, shaped by social, political and economic conditions, by cultural beliefs and values, and by systems of language and meaning. At the same time, from research to policy and practice, inequalities in medicine and health are increasingly global matters, with profound effects on individual human lives and on social and political relations worldwide. Study at King's and benefit from the world-class, research-led interdisciplinary teaching within the department of Social Science, Health & Medicine. With a mixture of fixed and optional curricula it gives enough flexibility to accommodate students thinking about majoring within the social sciences, philosophy, law and history as well students ready to specialise in medicine or biomedical sciences.'
Professor Nik Rose, Head of SSHM department

The Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine’s Global Health and Social Medicine modules have been shortlisted for a Innovation Award. Showcasing the best of originality, creativity and exceptional ideas in international education, the GoAbroad Innovations Academy acknowledges institutions, organisations, and individuals who create initiatives to move the field of international education forward, and recognises efforts that go beyond the conventional. 

PLEASE NOTE: These modules are only available to independent (fee-paying) students and those from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Melbourne, Johns Hopkins University and National University of Singapore. 

Why take these modules?

Independent (i.e. fee paying) Study Abroad students, along with those from College partners University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Melbourne, Johns Hopkins University and National University of Singapore can focus their semester or year abroad on a specialised academic track in Social Science, Health & Medicine and gain an in depth knowledge of contemporary issues from King’s world-leading academics.

Students are welcome to take two core modules from Global Health and Social Medicine and opt for two further modules of their choice in another subject area. These modules may particularly appeal to those considering a Graduate Medicine programme.

The Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine

Social Science, Health and Medicine at King’s is a unique interdisciplinary department founded in 2012. Its mission is to address the changing landscape of health and medicine from a social science perspective. They explore the complex social determinants of health, illness and ageing, and the ways in which advances in biomedicine and biotechnology are changing expectations about life and health and the nature of medical practice.

With a particular focus on China, India and Brazil, SSHM equip students with the skills required for a wide range of careers across disciplines: in the health services; in government and NGOs (from public health to environmental protection and urban planning); and in the commercial medical and health sectors.

What core modules could I study?

You would take two core modules, each worth 15 King's credits.

  • Semester 1: Introduction to Global Health I and Introduction to Social Medicine I

  • Semester 2: Introduction to Global Health II and Introduction to Social Medicine II

Who would benefit from these modules?

Modules within Global Health and Social Medicine are ideal for students studying majors or minors in subjects including International Relations, Philosophy, History, Law, Sociology and Humanities, or for those with a strong interest in Medicine, Public Health or the Biomedical Sciences.

Spotlight on... London

King's is London's most central university with three of the main campuses located by the River Thames between Westminster and the City.  As a Study Abroad student, you will have the opportunity to study the city that will become your home by taking a London focused module in one of the academic departments at King's. You can search for overviews of these modules here by searching under their (departments). 

  • 5AACAR14: Museums Of London: A Cultural History (Classics)
  • 5AAEB061: London Literature 1380-1450 (English)
  • 5AAGB226: German in London. The City in Literature and Film (German)
  • 5AAH1055: Electric Cities: The Experience Of Modernity In London, Melbourne, New York And Paris, 1870-1929 (History) 
  • 6AAEC052: Shakespeare's London (English) 
  • 7AAH2019: The Public History of Science, Technology and Medicine (History)
  • 7AAEM220: Theatre, Gender And Culture In Jacobean London (English)

Spotlight on... Intercultural enquiry

Many of the modules on offer in our language departments (Modern Language Centre, French, German and Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (SPLAS)) allow Study Abroad students to study global literature, politics and culture. Many of the modules available will offer key texts in translation and for many, there is no prerequisite language requirement. You can search for overviews of these modules here by searching under their (departments). 

Below are some examples of modules which offer the opportunity to explore other cultures.  

  • 4AAL00IC: Intercultural Awareness (Modern Language Centre) 
  • 5AAL00LS: Language and Society (Modern Language Centre) 
  • 4AAGA109: One Hundred and Twenty Years of German Cinema (German)
  • 4AASA049: Image: Visual Culture in the Global Iberias (SPLAS)
  • 4AASA025: Spain in the Twentieth Century, 1939 to 2000 (SPLAS)
  • 5AAFF254: Modernity and the City (French) 
  • 5AAGB503: Society, Politics and Popular Culture in Germany (German)
  • 5AAGB502: Berlin Past and Present: the Reconstruction of a Capital City (German)
  • 6AASC083: Lusophone African Literature II: The Postcolonial Experience (SPLAS)
  • 6AAGB408: New German Cinema in East and West (German)
  • 6AASC402: Catalan Culture (SPLAS)

Spotlight on... Global Institutes


The King's Global Institutes at King's College London are dedicated to scholarship, research and policy solutions of relevance to the world's most dynamic and complex regions. The activities of the Global Institutes, link across the range of academic, professional, and other services at King's, to develop relationships with international partners and so further King's commitment to developing research that speaks directly to global questions and needs.

*Some of the Global Institutes offer modules to Study Abroad students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.  

Find out more about the Global Institutes online here:


Please note that standard eligibility requirements apply for all modules.  You can find out more about the academic background required under 'checking your eligibility' on our modules page

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