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PhD Students

Ms Karen Bailey / PROFILE

Thesis: The development of trauma-Informed care to support women With experiences of interpersonal violence, problematic substance use and post-traumatic stress (PTS).

Supervisor: Dr Gail Gilchrist and Louise Howard

Dr Rosalind Blackwood / PROFILE

Thesis: The identification of nature and natural history of the alcohol-related frequent attender (ARFA) population.

Supervisor: Professor Colin Drummond and Professor Michael Lynskey

Ms Zoe Davey

Thesis: Understanding new drug trends: Exploring the nature of mephedrone use.

Supervisors: Professor Colin Drummond and Dr Paolo Deluca

Ms Katie East / PROFILE

Thesis: Developing and Testing a Tool to Measure Social Norms Towards Smoking and Nicotine Use.

Supervisors: Professor Ann McNeill and Dr Sara Hitchman

Mr Brian Eastwood

Thesis: The impact of treatment in the course of substance use disorder.

Supervisors: Professor John Marsden and Professor Sir John Strang

Mr Hesham Elarabi

Thesis: Optimising opiod therapy outcomes for opiod use disorder using personalised dosing and therapeutic drug monitoring: a randomised controlled trial.

Supervisor: Professor John Marsden and Abdu Adem

Ms Thalia Escamilla De La Torre / PROFILE

Thesis: Cannabis use and its association with psychotic symptoms in Mexico.

Supervisors: Professor Michael Lynskey and Dr Clare Mackie

Ms Stephanie Fincham-Campbell / PROFILE

Thesis: An exploratory mixed methods study of the social networks of severely dependent drinkers.

Supervisors: Professor Colin Drummond and Professor Jo Neale

Ms Carol-Ann Getty / PROFILE

Thesis: Examining the feasibility of using telephones to deliver behaviour change in addiction treatment.

Supervisors: Professor Michael Lynskey and Dr Nicola Metrebian

Ms Camille Goetz

Thesis: Mechanisms of change in cocaine use disorder: An applied clinical study.

Supervisors: Professor John Marsden and Professor Sir John Strang

Ms Kim McCall

Thesis: Realist evaluation of diversionary and leisure activities in addiction recovery.

Supervisor: Professor Jo Neale and Professor Sir John Strang

Ms Ana Morande

Thesis: Contingency management in addictions treatment: A realist evaluation of a technology-driven intervention for relapse prevention in alcohol dependence.

Supervisor: Professor Jo Neale and Professor Sir John Strang

Ms Paulina Romani Lopez

Thesis: Realist evaluation of addiction services working with family members and significant others.

Supervisor: Professor Jo Neale and Professor Sir John Strang

Mr Erikas Simonavicius / PROFILE

Thesis: Transitions to less harmful ways of consuming nicotine amongst intransigent smokers.

Supervisors: Professor Ann McNeill  and Dr Leonie Brose

Ms Basak Tas

Thesis: Acute opioid overdose: improving understanding through laboratory investigation.

Supervisors: Professor Sir John Strang and Dr Caroline Jolley


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