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Study spaces




There are different types of study spaces around libraries, the information below gives and overview of what we offer.

 study-with-respect-button_100x100      Study with Respect

Libraries & Collections are here to make your experience of studying in the library as comfortable and productive as possible. To help achieve this, it is important that everyone shows respect for others and the library itself.

  • Respect those around you: treat your fellow users and library staff with respect and courtesy.
  • Eat food in the right zones cold food (that isn't disruptive to others e.g. smelly or noisy) can be eaten in the Quiet and Discuss zones, no food to be eaten in the Silent zones. Hot and cold lidded drinks are welcome, help us to keep our spaces clean, safe and free of mice.
  • Share and be fair:  please vacate your space for long breaks. If you are not using a PC, please leave that space free for others to use. (Belongings left unattended for longer than 30 minutes may be moved by staff if necessary to make space for others to study.)
  • Pick up your valuables:  Never to leave your valuables unattended, even for the shortest time as thefts can occur.
  • Echo the silence:   Please allow those who wish to study in silence in the Silent Zones the opportunity to do so.
  • Care for the books:  Please remember that library books are a shared resource and refrain from writing or highlighting in them. 
  • Talk quietly:   Keep your voice low and conversations to a minimum, be aware of the noise you are making when leaving a Discussion zone (e.g. Group Study Room) into a Quiet zone (most areas within the libraries).

purple_noiseline_100x76      Noise Line

Are you in a quiet or silent zone and other people being too noisy?

Text the Noise Line on 07883303052, describing your location (library name and room) and we will respond as soon as possible. We will not text back unless we need to clarify your location.


‘Student talking loudly on phone, Maughan Library, room 2.59’

or ‘Large group chatting, WEC library, floor 2 open plan area’

This service is currently operating Monday to Friday between 09.00 – 19.00 and 12.00 - 16.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

(Service not available during Bank Holidays or over Winter/Easter breaks. Please note that St Thomas's is only staffed a few hours a week and we may be unable to act on your Noiseline message).




Find your zone

There are three different Zones in the libraries which are colour-coded or marked on the floor plans for each library.

Note: At the Maughan Library we have mapped and colour-coded the collections on the floor plans, at  this library all zones are Quiet unless marked with the Silent or Discuss icons below.


Group study rooms

In all the libraries there are bookable Group Study rooms (GS) for between 3-12 people, with AV screens. Please note, the person making the booking is accountable for the conduct of the group.

Group Study is also possible in other areas of the library, such as the Discussion Zones or Study Pods (SP).




Study Pods (SP) are available at the Franklin-Wilkins, Weston Education Centre and Maughan libraries. The Maughan library Study Pods (SP) are non-bookable spaces, see the floor plans or ask a member of staff where they are. Study Pods (SP) at the Franklin-Wilkins and Weston Education Centre Library can be booked via the Library Booking system.

Soundproofed Video Call Pods (VP), designed for single person usage, are ideal if you need to make a private call for an interview whilst in the libraries. Available at the Franklin-Wilkins and New Hunt's House Libraries, these are bookable via the Library Booking system.



Assistive Technology Rooms

There are ten Assistive Technology Rooms (AT) spread across the six King's library sites.

Each room is equipped with ergonomic workstations with adjustable desks and chairs, Dragon headsets, a scanner and a printer.

These rooms are bookable by registered users only.


Postgraduate Zones

There are Postgraduate Study Zones available at the following libraries:

Franklin-Wilkins, The Maughan, New Hunt’s House, Weston Education Centre.

Look for PG on the floor plans for each library. Most of these areas are accessible by swipe card access with your King's ID card.




Wellbeing Spaces

If you’re feeling low, why not recharge your own batteries in the Wellbeing Room, located in room 2.24 in the Maughan Library, with comfy bean bags for you to take a break, relax your mind and find new inspiration.

You can also reach out to the Student Wellbeing Team to speak confidentially with a Faculty Wellbeing Advisor, or attend a term-time Drop-In Hub for additional advice and support.




Revise and relax on campus

Find your favourite spots on campus to revise and relax to get the best out of your study sessions