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Influence our Strategy


We strive to be the trusted partner of choice in sourcing and developing global talent

Andrew Wright, Head of Employer Engagement


We pride ourselves on our relationships with our employer partners, building bespoke and innovative strategies for your organisation's engagement - and enabling you in turn to help shape our own strategy.

Our commitment to working in partnership means we are happy to share ideas and expertise about what's going on at King's and enable you to help shape our employer engagement strategy and influence the identity of a King's graduate in the global labour market. 

Alongside working with a relationship manager in either our Employer Relations & Development or King's Internships Teams, we have a number of ways for you to get involved.

Embedding & our Employability-led Quality Assurance Strategy 

In practical terms, this means that all new undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes are required to include employability-focused learning outcomes for the student’s academic experience, which are evaluated through related assessments.

Furthermore, as part of the internal programme proposal process, when academic staff define the value offered by their new course, we will be drawing upon expertise from our King's Recruiter's Club members alongside other corporates, non-profit organisations, NGOs, SMEs and business organisations to gain your input.

This will vary, depending on the programme.

Degrees that offer a significant element of professional development for a particular career or sector are likely to draw on specific expectations that employers may have - legal services for a new LLB programme, or health sector professionals for a mental health programme.

For subject areas with less delineated career outcomes, we are looking for employer perceptions of those graduates in more general terms, particularly given that the majority of ISE members don’t look for graduates from specific disciplines.

King's Education Strategy (pdf)


There are a range of ways in which employers can contribute. Employer input is a collaborative process at King’s, where employers and academics work together to design activities and outcomes of mutual benefit.

Input to programme delivery could include:

  • direct curriculum delivery
  • teaching and learning content drawn from professional contexts but taught by academic staff
  • iterative assessment through problem-based learning
  • formative assessment of work-based learning provision and virtual simulations
  • events which bring employers and profession-based activities into the timetabled curriculum.

    You may also wish to work with us to embed internships, capstone projects or placements into programmes, host site visits, networking opportunities, mentoring or career development content including assessment centres and skills workshops.

  • If you are interested in contributing to a King’s academic programme in some way, and would like to find out more, please contact the relevant member of our Employer Relations and Development Team.

    Our Strategy

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      To redefine the brand and positioning of a King's graduate in the global landscape

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      To develop strategic, targeted relationships and lasting business partnerships informed by global labour market intelligence

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      To deliver exceptional relationship management through regular interactions with sector specialists

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      To persistently develop distinctive experiential opportunities for King's audiences

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      To response flexibly with stakeholders to generate and develop creative opportunities

    Internationalisation & Our Global Reach

    Contributing to King's Internationalisation Strategy, we have specific engagement plans for key geographies, dedicating resource and engagement with organisations, alumni and partners around the world.

    At King's we believe in global problem solving and the importance of a global mindset, so our engagement plans and visits provide enriching opportunities for students.

    If you can aid our engagement in China, the United States, France & Belgium, India or the Middle East, get in touch with us.

    King's Employer Board

    Influence our strategy, support programme development and share your expertise by becoming involved in our King's Employer Board.

    Our board acts as a sounding board for new programme developments across King's, to assist academics and professional services staff to understand how to frame their programmes to ensure their students possess the relevant knowledge, attributes, skills and experiences to progress into positive graduate outcomes.

    Copies of the Terms of Reference are available on request