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Host a King's Intern

Host a King's Intern


Our specialist King's Internships team works closely with organisations to connect you with the brightest students across King's through bespoke programmes designed to aide experiential and reflective learning.

The King's Internships programmes provide bespoke, quality-assured internships as part of a programme of study or as co-curricular opportunities for students both in the UK and internationally.

Whichever King's Internships programme you choose to engage in, our team will work closely together with your organisation to develop, promote and support your opportunities to the most relevant student cohorts.

Other Internship Opportunities

If your existing internship does not fit with one of our schemes, you can still advertise your internship free of charge on King's CareerConnect which is accessed by nearly 2,500 students and recent graduates on a daily basis.

Benefits of hosting a King's intern

  • Proven cost effective method of recruiting and evaluating potential employees;
  • Flexible source of quality candidates for ad-hoc or short-term projects;
  • Increased brand awareness and visibility for the organisation among King's College London students;
  • International interns can help increase cultural diversity within the workplace;
  • An injection of fresh perspectives, ideas and up-to-date professional skills;
  • Gateway to other ways of engagement with King's College London;
  • Mentors/supervisors can develop their leadership/managerial skills, up-skilling you workforce and improving staff retention;
  • Smart way to manage economic uncertainty whilst maintaining recruitment activity;
  • Effective way to free up current employees to take on specialised/strategic projects.

 "We are really pleased with the outcome and the process has been extremely efficient and well run. Many thanks indeed for this. We will certainly recommend King's to any of our peers who are looking to recruit interns going forward." Mark Woodhams, Partner, Origin Capital, London - June 2018

"Working with highly qualified interns from Kings College London has helped us to now share the important research that the local Government of Medellin produces worldwide." Medellin City Council, Colombia - August 2018


The King's Internships Cycle - How it Works


There are generally five phases that feature in all our programmes - please read below the diagram for more information about what is involved at each phase.


Phase 1 - Internship Quality Assurance

King’s Careers & Employability ensure that any internship placements undertaken by students either inside or outside the curriculum of study, in the UK or abroad, adhere to relevant formal, legal and ethical considerations for quality assurance.

We, as far as reasonably and practically possible, evaluate each internship opportunity facilitated by the King’s Internships team or sourced independently by a King’s student against a strict internal and external quality assurance process checklist before allowing the student to undertake an internship.

This includes checking each opportunity against government, UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) and King’s own policy guidelines and standards relevant to student work-based learning in higher education.

We aim to ensure each internship opportunity is:

  • Safe and risk-assessed.
  • Measurable.
  • Non-exploitative and within legal frameworks.
  • Aligned to a student’s path of academic study and/or career goals.

We adhere to:

  1. Guidance from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) which reflects minimum expectations of support and supervision for students studying and/or undertaking work-based learning opportunities in the UK.
  2. Current UKVI guidance and legislation concerning visas and internship placements for international students.

For more specific information, please refer to the relevant links below, or contact us.

Phase 2 - Internship Development

King’s Internships are designed to offer high quality, interesting and challenging internships to a diverse range of students.

Our internships enable students to gain valuable work experience and develop a transferable, professional set of skills that will ultimately enhance their employability and graduate prospects. We therefore aim to partner with organisations that provide our students with worthwhile experiences they can learn from and form a positive impact on their future career plans.

Review our various programmes to determine which is right for your organisation - if you're not sure, get in touch with us.  We will advise on the suitability of the internship and work with you to develop the specification in order to meet our quality assurance framework, and maximise the likelihood of you finding a suitable candidate from King’s.

We endeavour to respond to your enquiry within two days, before moving on to phase three; advertising and promoting the internship.

Phase 3 - Internship Advertising & Shortlisting

Our programmes use a number of communication channels to promote internships to King’s students. We will use a combination of these to best suit the opportunity at no cost to you.

Students will find and apply to opportunties on our central online platform King's CareerConnect, which is tailored depending on their profile - they can also opt to receive our bi-weekly newsletters, and choose to receive relevant alerts when new internships are posted. We advertise specific internship opportunities through two main social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter, which each have nearly 7,000 followers. 

Our Career Consultants are in contact with students on a daily basis and will flag up opportunities to them directly.  They also work with specific faculties and circulate internships through newsletters targeting students on specific courses.

The King’s Internships team run our own on-campus events throughout the year to engage students and promote currently live opportunities. We look to build a profile for the organisations we work with by collecting powerful testimonials from interns and employers in verbal, written and video form.

We also offer the option to collate and sift applications for you, sending you a shortlist of the strongest candidates within 48 hours of the closing deadline. This is a popular choice with employers, as it saves you time and means that we can provide every candidate with feedback on their application, helping them develop their recruitment skills in future.

You can explore additional on-campus promotion options for your organisation, such as attending careers fairshosting a presentation and plasma screen advertising, subject to costs.

Phase 4 - Internship Placement Management

Our team will act as the central liaison for all internship information for both students and employers throughout the process.

We will help to manage your internship placement by offering a range of employer recruitment services including compiling applications, arranging shortlisting, collecting feedback and interviews to ensure that you are fully supported in hiring and hosting an intern.

Please read our Terms, Conditions & Guidance document for further details about partnering with us on one of our King's Internships programmes. 

We ask that you provide a high quality, structured internship that offers the intern plenty of opportunities for learning and development. We also work to ensure that the intern is equipped to make a valuable professional contribution of their talents. The King’s Internships team will therefore act as a point of contact to employer and intern to manage concerns, provide support and ensure both employer and intern keeps to the terms of their initial Internship Host Agreement.

It’s also important that your organisation allocates a suitable internship host supervisor who will act as the direct point of contact at your organisation for both the intern and the King’s Internships team.  This person will often be a line manager and will have responsibility for:

  • Supervising internship duties and allocating tasks;

  • Addressing questions, issues or concerns;

  • Providing sufficient workspace, IT facilities and access to on-the-job training;

  • Providing feedback on performance and learning.

Phase 5 - Internship Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact

The King’s Internships team will continually monitor and review its student internship procedures and processes, in order to ensure that all programmes are run efficiently and meet the required standards.

The dual roles of monitoring and evaluating students’ internships and improving the King’s Internships programmes are inter-connected and of equal importance.

Monitoring and evaluation is essential for the methodical checking of what is working and what is not, which in turn aids our strategic planning. Evaluation takes place immediately after a student has commenced an internship.

Student Evaluation

Students are encouraged to complete anonymous pre- and post-internship evaluation forms which will provide valuable feedback about their experiences at host organisations. These evaluations also encourage the interns to reflect and consider more meaningfully the skills and experience they have developed, and how these can translate practically in their career planning and future prospects.

Host Organisation Evaluation

The King’s Internships team will request formal or informal feedback from host organisations at an appropriate stage of the internship. This evaluation will feed into continuous development and improvement of our internship programmes, to ensure the overall standard of work-based learning at King’s is maintained. This will also assist the host organisation to reflect on their management of interns, informing working practices as high-quality work providers.

Academic Staff Evaluation

In the case of a student undertaking an internship as a formal and assessed component of their study (through the Accredited Internship Programme), relevant academic staff will carry out any necessary academic evaluation requirements and provide feedback.

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