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IoP Experts at Cheltenham Science Festival

JUNE 06, 2008

Professor Shitij Kapur and Dr Louise Arseneault, Institute of Psychiatry,together withother King's College colleagues,are participating at the Cheltenham Science Festival this week, running from 4-8 June. They are talking about their respective areas of expertise brain imaging science that helps improve understanding of mental health conditions, and the biology and psychology of bullying in children. The Festival has gained a reputation for showcasing some of the most outstanding scientists and personalities in the country. Those who attend the Festival are able to debate the hottest topics of the day; put their questions to some of the world’s leading thinkers and personalities; and conduct their own experiments.

As well as some big names from the world of television: Time Team’s Tony Robinson and Top Gear’s Richard Hammond, there will be talks from some of the UK’s best-know scientists including Jonathon Porritt, Steven Pinker, Richard Dawkins, Robert Winston and Martin Rees. The Festival Directors are Kathy Sykes and Mark Lythgoe and the Guest Director is Nick Ross.

King’s scientist taking part include Dr Louise Arseneault (Lecturer in the MRC Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre, Institute of Psychiatry), Mark Green (Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics), Professor Shitij Kapur, (Vice-Dean, Institute of Psychiatry), Dr Mark Miodownik (Head of Materials Research Group, Division of Engineering), and Professor Clive Page (Professor of Pharmacology).

Where to see IoP and King’s people

The Secret World of Abuse – Louise Arsenault
What makes somebody want to harm another? Whether it’s cruel words, violence, or unwanted sex, abuse has a severe impact on the lives of the victims. Louise Arsenault discusses the biology and psychology of abuse with Kathy Charles (Napier University) and Collette Isabel Bentley, who has learnt to cope with the horrors of her early childhood. Image of a Troubled Mind – Shitij Kapur
Imagine being convinced you are God. That was what Emma Harding believed, until she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She joins Shitij Kapur and Marjorie Wallace from SANE to discover how the latest brain imaging technology has improved our understanding of psychological disorders like clinical depression and schizophrenia, and how it can help manage the care and treatment of individuals.

Quantum Dots – Mark Green
The word nanotechnology inspires fear in many, but it could provide some of the most exciting developments in medicine. Jonathan Wood, winner of FameLab 2006 and deputy editor of Nano Today, joins Mark Green to discover how ‘quantum dots’ might literally deliver an effective, personalised treatment for one of our biggest killers: cancer.

The Caffeine Kick – Clive Page and Mark Miodwnik
What makes a good cup of coffee? Is it the caffeine buzz? Or the pure pleasures of the finest blend, a perfectly formed frothy head and a sprinkling of cinnamon? Join Andrea Sella, Clive Page and Mark Miodownik to discover how chemistry, biology and engineering combine to create the perfect wake-up call, and the surprising contribution that caffeine has made to the treatment of diseases like asthma.

The Science of Formula One – Mark Miodownik
How do you keep a Formula One car on the track at top speed? How can you keep the driver safe? Join Williams F1 Engineer Brian O’Rourke and Mark Miodownik for an exciting look at one of the world’s most glamorous and dangerous sports.
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